Group Therapy

Group therapy brings together a diverse group of individuals who share common concerns and/or problems. Group therapy provides participants a powerful opportunity to share and learn from others in a safe and supportive environment.

Groups Offered:

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DBT Skills Group

The Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Skills Group is a class-like format geared towards helping clients obtain the necessary coping skills to manage overwhelming emotional pain in the moment. The group focuses on teaching skills within the following modules:

  • Mindfulness- Learning to pay attention, in the moment, non-judgmentally; and to live your life in a deliberate manner
  • Distress Tolerance- Manage crises without making your problems worse
  • Emotion Regulation- Learn the function of emotions and improve your ability to describe, change, and cope effectively, rather than let emotions control you
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness- Attend to and improve your relationships while getting your needs met
  • Middle Path Skills- Move away from polarized ways of thinking and act and work toward a constructive synthesis of the two instead

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DBT Graduate Group

The DBT Graduate Group is a process support group for clients who have completed DBT skills group and who want to continue to strengthen and generalize skills in managing distress and problems of daily living. The group will focus on DBT Skills reinforcement, setting goals, and DBT Skills application. There will be opportunity to discuss current life challenges as a group and ways to better implement coping strategies with advice and support from fellow members.

DBT Special Topics Groups

DBT has been shown to improve one's life in numerous areas including maladaptive behaviors and dysfunctional relationships. Groups offered in these specialized areas include:

Brooklyn DBT for Grief Group

When confronted with the death of a loved one, or tragic or regrettable things in our past it’s normal to feel a sense of grief, sadness, and loss. Sadness and grief are painful and can feel overwhelming or even unbearable. It’s common to feel like avoiding or escaping these feelings. However, the most useful way to get through grief generally, is to allow yourself to experience it.

Our DBT group works on the four skills of DBT; (a)mindfulness, (b) distress tolerance, (c) emotion regulation, and (d) interpersonal effectiveness to move through the different stages and challenges of grief.

DBT Group therapy for grief provides members a great chance to work, share and learn from others in a safe and supportive environment. Find out more about the Brooklyn DBT for Grief Group.

DBT Parenting Group in Brooklyn

Parenting is both rewarding and challenging, particularly if you have a highly reactive or emotional child.  In the DBT Parenting Group you will learn the skills needed to help parent effectively in a supportive and safe environment. Gain understanding, share, work and grow as a parent and individually. You are not alone. Join other parents that share the same challenges you deal with. Gain the skills that can help. Find out more about the Brooklyn DBT Parenting Group.

Emotional Eating Group

Learning impulse control, understanding triggers, helping you to keep from eating through your emotions and effectively integrating coping strategies

DBT for Professionals

Using DBT skills to become more effective, present and productive in the workplace

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