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Brooklyn Family Business Counseling & Mediation

Family run businesses deal with the same challenges faced by non-family run businesses. Business partners have their disagreements, but when those partners are family, the situation needs to be handled with more consideration for the family dynamics. Sharing the same DNA doesn’t mean everyone in a family business has the same personality type or can get along with each other in a business setting. Family owned businesses suffer more communication issues, internal competition, and compensation disagreements.

The Top 5 Problems that Family Business Counseling Can Help With;

Below are some common issues family run businesses struggle with:

  • Integrating the next generation into the business
  • Trusting and accepting decisions and perspectives of younger family members
  • Addressing fears and conflicts from the past experiences with family
  • Finding positive roles for the varying personalities within a family
  • Sibling rivalry within the business

How does Family Business Mediation / Counseling Function?

We will work together to reduce stress, increase communication, and move through role and personality conflicts. I will often use mediation strategies to resolve conflicts and move family members from positions of combat to positions of cooperation. Sessions are both private and confidential, and choosing to address conflicts head-on is almost always more cost effective than letting issues fester.


Meet Toby Werdyger, Family Business Consultant/Dispute Resolution J.D.

Toby graduated from law school and trained in family law prior to becoming a therapist and has since trained in mediation at the Ackerman Institute for the Family. Working for 10 years in her own family’s business gave her unique perspective and experience in how family businesses function and have their own unique issues and problems.

Through family business arbitration and mediation, Toby will focus on business structuring, conflict resolution, and helping each family system sort out personal and business conflicts to run a more successful and harmonious operation. She looks forward to helping your family business and your family relationships thrive.



  • New York University, M.A. Counseling for Mental Health & Wellness, summa cum laude
  • Brooklyn Law School, Juris Doctor, summa cum laude
  • Touro College - Bachelor of Science, summa cum laude


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I am interested to know more about the areas in your family business that have become a struggle and work with you to discover how we help you advance and grow your business while maintaining healthy relationships. Family business counseling is located in our Brooklyn office and serves the surrounding areas.

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