Trauma Therapy

Helping Patients Move Forward

Trauma means experiencing any event, either big or small, which overwhelms your system and leaves your mind unable to process. Such events can be seemingly minor to outsiders, but little traumas can cause great disruptions in your mind until dealt with. They can also include big traumas, including physical or sexual assault, accidents, or physical or mental abuse.

Those who experience traumatic events, can often battle with intrusive thoughts, nervousness, and negative moods, often leading to depression and suicidal thoughts. These symptoms which are brought on by a past traumatic event can get in the way of productive careers, prevent healthy relationships from reaching their full potential, and sometimes make simple everyday routine tremendously difficult.

If you are having trouble falling back into everyday life after a traumatic event, or if you’re battling with post-traumatic stress, there are trauma treatments such as EMDR and Somatic Experiencing which can help you recover. I am trained and skilled in integrating such specialized treatments along with others, with the goal of helping patients cope and process through the event that caused their trauma-related disorder. I have extensive experience in treating people with PTSD, those who have been impacted by sexual or physical abuse, childhood trauma, or any other type of trauma, both big and small.

Trauma Therapy Helps You:

  • Process and resolve disturbing or painful memories
  • Regain your sense of self and build confidence
  • Feel better by relieving you from depression and anxiety
  • Create a new chapter in your life to move forward in

Recovery Through EMDR

I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, a type of procedure that rapidly helps those who battle with disturbing and painful memories. EMDR is specifically designed to help trauma victims and is effective for both big and small traumatic memories that patients are having trouble processing through. There are different phases of EMDR treatment, including gathering your traumatic memories, handling the stress which comes along with them and processing memories and feelings in a positive way. The different stages are worked through while moving your eyes in a side to side motion (bilateral stimulation), which has been found to help facilitate communication between both hemispheres of the brain, helping you both access and process the trauma you have experienced.

Recovery Through Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing is the awareness of what is happening in your body and others' bodies and using that understanding to improve your mental and emotional health. Your body stores emotions in your posture, expressions, breath and muscle tension among various other physical manifestations of your memories, emotions and anxieties. By helping you process those indicators which your body is displaying, both internally and externally, we will be able to calm your mind, process trauma and experience a more integrated life. Through understanding the physical reactions and expressions of others around you, you will be able to understand how others feel and communicate your feeling through non-verbal expression.

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