Individual Psychodynamic Therapy

What is Psychodynamic Psychotherapy?

In Psychodynamic therapy a therapist and client review the client’s emotions, thought processes, beliefs, painful memories and feelings. This analysis provides insight into how the client reacts to problems that arise and helps to identify the source of negative patterns of behavior (often early-life/childhood experiences). By recognizing recurring patterns, the therapist can help identify various defense mechanisms the client is using to cope with problems and then work with the client towards changing unhealthy patterns.

What Happens During a Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Session with me?

The interpersonal relationship and trust will be very important. You will have the chance to speak about whatever is on your mind without the fear of judgement or consequences. Together, we’ll look for patterns in behavior and your reactions to things happening in your job, relationships and everyday interactions that may be a result of a past experience. This guided self-discovery can help you gain an understanding of the reasoning behind your thoughts, the way you felt during a certain situation, and your resulting reaction to the situation. We can then examine how you can deal with your thoughts and emotions in a way that is more adaptive and positive.

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